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Cod Fishing
Two weeks of catching Cod.
F/V Sydney Lee, Salisbury, Mass. -- Sep 18, 2019 --


A special catch.


Finally our two week window of opportunity to catch and keep a codfish (one cod per angler/per day) has come.  Our anglers were not disappointed in their catch - plenty of haddock too.



"Atlantic Cod were once so plentiful in the northeastern part of the US that they would bump into one another when swimming.  They became one of the most valuable items of early trade - valued like gold or oil.  The search for cod brought Europeans across the ocean and encouraged the Pilgrims to settle in Massachusetts - Cod changed the modern laws of the sea.  Today, cod are no longer plentiful, and its threatened disappearance is a tragedy that could change the lives of many creatures, including man."  This is the cod's story according to Mark Kurlansky in his book:  Cod: A Biography of the fish that changed the world.....and this is the story we are currently living.