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What's going on aboard the F/V Sydney Lee

We have 2 openings for Wednesday, October, 6, 2021, for all day,  deep-sea fishing aboard the Sydney Lee. This 9 -hour trip departs from Newburyport at 7AM and returns at 4PM.

     Call Lee at 978-462-8859 to secure your spot.


2021 fishing has been very productive and Capt. Bob and crew on the Sydney Lee are ready to help you fill your freezers. Haddock catch has been increased to 15 haddock per angler per day with a minimum size of 17". We are also catching cusk, redfish and pollock.

Call Lee at 978-462-8859 to book your charter or to reserve your spot on a walkaboard trip.

The 2021 fishing season aboard the Sydney Lee out of Newburyport MA along the Merrimack River has been good.  With Newburyport  and Plum Island in the background, we set out to the fishing grounds of Jeffreys Ledge for deep-sea fishing charters - think haddock, cusk, pollock and redfish.   Or, we can fish for striped bass and bluefish in the Merrimack River and along the beaches of Plum Island and Salisbury. Captain Bob Yeomans and crew have many years of experience aboard the Sydney Lee which was built with your comfort in mind.

Reserve your Massachusetts fishing charter date now!

Our first journey aboard the Sydney Lee with some great, old friends.

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18-Aug-21 "Walkaboard" Openings
09-Aug-21 August 8
01-Aug-21 August 1st Striped Bass Trip
19-Jul-21 July fishing has been great despite the rain.
11-Jun-21 June Fishing at its best!
05-Jun-21 June 5, 2021
02-Jun-21 Fishing on the Sydney Lee
21-May-21 May 21, 2021
07-May-21 The SUN and great fishing on the same day.
21-Apr-21 Spring fishing on the Sydney Lee
06-Oct-20 OCTOBER 6, 2020
13-Sep-20 HADDOCK and....some COD
02-Sep-20 Rainy Day Fishing
28-Aug-20 Fall fishing on the Sydney Lee
24-Aug-20 Fishing for haddock, cod and pollack
17-Aug-20 BREAKING NEWS....

  • Haddock limits have not changed....BUT...Gulf of Maine codfishing will be opened for almost a full month in the (for-Hire) category.  Up from just 2 weeks last year.  Call Lee to reserve your charter/space asap.  One codfish per person 21" or greater.  We have had a lot of nice sized cod come in during the summer's catch/release program.

  • GOM cod:

    • Possession Limit: 1 fish

    • Minimum Size: 21 inches (53.34 cm)

    • Open season (Private): September 15 - 30, April 1 - 14

    • Open Season (For-Hire) September 8 – October 7, April 1 - 14

  • GOM haddock:

    • Possession Limit: 15 fish

    • Minimum Size: 17 inches (43.18 cm)

    • Open Season: May 1 – February 28, April 1 - 30

31-Jul-20 More Haddock Adventures
30-Jul-20 Haddock are still plentiful.
22-Jul-20 Offshore Deep-Sea Fishing
18-Jul-20 It's Striper Time
03-Jul-20 High-Liner Barbara
28-Jun-20 The HART family does it again!
20-Jun-20 Don and Friends
18-Jun-20 Deep-Sea Fishing on the Sydney Lee
13-Jun-20 June 13, 2020
10-Jun-20 Welcome back Wally...and Wally....
07-May-20 LAUNCHED

The Sydney Lee was launched on Thursday and as I look out at the snow while listening to the News, I wonder why?

While we are hoping that the state will allow us to take charters out, we understand all the requirements that we do not.

So, we will fish ourselves and bring some haddock home to share. Boats and their captains and crew don't like to sit still and we hope we can take YOU fishing soon. You can call me at 978-462-8859 to reserve a date and we will continue to move charter dates forward or refund deposits when necessary.

In the meantime, stay safe, listen to the experts and remain hopeful. All photos were taken by Josh Boisvert with a huge thank you for a job well done.

20-Apr-20 Bookings for 2020
21-Oct-19 Another great year comes to an end.


We will see you in the Spring.  Call Lee to reserve your spot.

October 20, 2019 - our last day of fishing aboard the

Sydney Lee - See you all in the Spring.

Jack and Jim cleaned fish all the way in - 5 anglers on board. Each of us caught our limit of 15 haddock per person.  Very promising catch for the future of haddock fishing.

22-Sep-19 Greedy shark takes Cod.
18-Sep-19 Cod Fishing
18-Aug-19 Striper Time!
12-Aug-19 Haddock fishing at its best.
31-Jul-19 HADDOCK
10-Jun-19 Take your kids fishing aboard the Sydney Lee
26-May-19 Openings for May 29, 2019
18-May-19 Wednesday, May 15, 2019
13-May-19 The 2019 season has begun!
15-Apr-19 Fishing 2019 on the Sydney Lee

We are very busy getting ready for the 2019 season.  Our first day of fishing is May 8th.  Government regulations have not changed - still 12 haddock per person.  Stay tuned on the codfish.

11-Aug-18 It's Striper Time.
08-Jul-18 Come fish with the best captain and crew.
26-Jun-18 Come Fish with us.
22-Jun-18 It is Striper Time on the Merrimack River
20-Jun-18 Haddock Everywhere
20-Jun-18 It's Striper Time
20-May-18 Haddock and Stripers OH MY!
06-May-18 Spring Fishing is at its best aboard the Sydney Lee
21-Apr-18 It's Official



Our season is finally underway.  Thank you Mother Nature.  There is plenty of haddock to be caught and we are heading out to the fishing grounds tomorrow.

Someone named "Donald" is trying to book the boat for either May 2nd or 3rd, but I am unable to make out the number.  Please call Lee at 978-462-8859 so she can get your trip on the books.

17-Mar-18 Let the 2018 season arrive.
14-Sep-17 Off-shore fishing in September
06-Sep-17 Wesley Falzarano on Deck

We enjoy having Wesley Falzarano on deck.  Bob and I have watched Wesley grow up since he was a newborn to his present height of 6'5".  He learned most of his skills on his dad's boat and agree that he was taught well.Wesley Falzarano on deck.

06-Sep-17 The Sea demands respect.

When Bob put the Sydney Lee together he had comfort as well as stability in mind. Safety at sea is always a top priority and knowing when to leave the dock and more importantly when not to is important to us.  So....if we cancel a trip due to weather conditions, keep in mind that what looks OK on land can be quite unpleasant offshore.  We like to make sure all of our anglers have a pleasant day aboard the Sydney Lee.Heading in.

06-Sep-17 A great catch in September.

You never know what the end of our season will bring.  Weather changes, sea changes and fish catch regulations change.  The Sydney Lee continues to find the fish and our boatload of anglers usually return home well stocked for the winter.A boatload of fish.

06-Sep-17 Fish Stories for winter evenings!

Once fishing for tuna gets into your blood, the need to head out and capture a giant or two will always be there.  Bob has been fishing for tuna before it became the wicked thing to do.Tuna on deck with a happy captain Bob.

06-Sep-17 What's been happening on the Sydney Lee

Striper fishing on the Merrimack River and beyond.This group loves to catch those stripers.

06-Sep-17 August 2017 on the Sydney Lee

We feel fortunate to have Jack Lydon on deck for our Walkaboard Wednesday trips.  His engaging personality and wealth of knowledge of all things seaworthy makes every trip an adventure.

22-Jul-17 Deep Sea Charters aboard the Sydney Lee out of Salisbury, MA
12-Jul-17 Massachusetts Deep Sea Fishing
26-Jun-17 Deep Sea Charters aboard the Sydney Lee out of Salisbury, MA
21-Jun-17 Striper fishing - Merrimac River - Newburyport - M

Striped bass fishing is at its best in the Merrimack River and along the beachfront off of Salisbury Beach and Plum Island.  We are offering charters aboard the Sydney Lee departing from our dock in Salisbury, MA.  Also available are walkaboard trips.  Just call Lee at 978-462-8859 to choose a date for up to 6 people.  Or....Lee will help you put a walkaboard trip together.

The bluefish have not arrived yet, but summer is here and the waters in this area are warming up.  They won't be far behind.


Fishing absolutely at its best with "the best captain in the Merrimack River".  

For the past 2 trips we have had to travel a bit further and use a bit more fuel, but the effort was worth it.  Every angler on board enjoyed the good weather and sea conditions a they maxed out on their allowed haddock catch.

03-Jun-17 It's Striper Time!
25-May-17 MAY 24, 2017
21-May-17 Sunday, May 21st
11-May-17 NEW - NEW - NEW FOR 2017
11-May-17 Deep Sea Charters aboard the Sydney Lee out of Salisbury, MA
03-May-17 Deep Sea Fishing out of Salisbury, MA aboard the Sydney Lee
11-Aug-16 August 10, 2016

Jesse and Mike - a good fishing team.

Young Jesse really held his own as he fished alongside Uncle Mike in some tough conditions.

11-Aug-16 August 10, 2016

Cleaning the fish

The day started out nice and soon became very ugly as heavy rain, wind and tough sea conditions moved in. Young Jesse Cygan fished alongside 5 adults and held his own as he continued to fish in such tough conditions. Most of the day everyone stayed at the rail and between 80 and 85 fish stayed in the boat - a good mix of cod, haddock and pollock. Kailey Carr remained on deck and learned how to jig fish - I think her dad should lock up his tackle box now! Notice Mike Cygan cleaning fish in these conditions as Kailey continues to sit against the rail like it's a walk in the park. 

07-Jul-16 Sharks are Everywhere

Sharks are here - for your viewing and catching pleasure.Sharks pictured are:  Top - Basking shark  Middle - Porbeagle shark and Bottom - blue shark.


The striped bass are in and Captain Bob knows just where they are.  Call Lee to book your striper trip at 978-462-8859.

07-Jul-16 July update

Deep sea fishing at its best.  Plenty of haddock to go around with an occaional pollock.  Market-sized cod are being hooked and returned to their watery world. 

05-Jun-16 Deep Sea Fishing Update

Last Wednesday and yesterday's deep-sea trips were very productive for the anglers aboard the Sydney Lee.  Most caught their limit of haddock - many market-sized cod and undersized haddock were returned to the sea.

NOTE:  Stripers are in!

25-May-16 Deep Sea Fishing

Plenty of action with a great bunch of guys on a day that the weather was a lot better than expected.  These skilled anglers averaged 6-8 haddock, a couple of cusk and some pollock.  Market cod and short haddock numbers that had to be thrown back were high.

19-Sep-15 Tuna and Shark Day!

3 tuna have now been caught on the Sydney Lee this year - not bad for a boat and captain that are relatively late to arrive at this year's party!  This photo shows one of our smaller tuna fish with a very large thresher shark.

29-Aug-15 TUNA ON!

15-Aug-15 FISH ON

Stripers are running and if you are up for a good fight on the other end of the line, this is the fish to go for.  A 4-hour trip gives you time to catch some live mackerel, head to the fishing grounds and wait for that perfect strike!