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Tuna Fishing out of Salisbury MA

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Tuna Fishing MA | Offshore Fishing out of Salisbury Massachusetts

Offshore Deep-Sea Fishing MA

A great day at sea with Capt. Bob Yeomans

A great day of fishing with Capt. Bob Yeomans

Haddock for Dinner

Haddock for Dinner

Haddock has always been one of the most desirable fish available in the waters of the Gulf of Maine.  That also makes them the most sought after fish for your dinner table.  Marine Scientists in conjunction with National Marine Fisheries Service have been closely monitoring this species and setting catch limits both commercially and recreationally.  In the last few years Haddock has gone from unlimited catch to 3 fish per angler - then down to 0.  2016 brought in a limit of 15 per person.  The catch limit for 2018 was set at 12 per person with a 17" size.   We think the limits will remain the same for 2019, but will update if any changes.





"Atlantic Cod were once so plentiful in the northeastern part of the US that they would bump into one another when swimming.  They became one of the most valuable items of early trade - valued like gold or oil.  The search for cod brought Europeans across the ocean and encouraged the Pilgrims to settle in Massachusetts - Cod changed the modern laws of the sea.  Today, cod are no longer plentiful, and its threatened disappearance is a tragedy that could change the lives of many creatures, including man."  This is the cod's story according to Mark Kurlansky in his book:  Cod: A Biography of the fish that changed the world.....and this is the story we are currently living. 

However, with strict regulations and catch limits, the cod will stand a chance of surviving.  No cod were allowed to be kept in 2015 and we are hearing reports of a very small change for 2019 - to possibly 1 cod per person later in the summer or fall. No cod have been allowed for 2017, 2018 and now for 2019.

NEW:  Beginning Sept. 15-30, 2019, NOAA fisheries will allow one COD per angler - must be 21 " long.


Here's what else you might catch
Aboard the  fishing vessel Sydney Lee

Pollock:  Available year round
Size limit - must be 19"
No catch limit

Redfish:  Available year round
Size limit - must be 9"
No catch limit

Halibut:  Available year round
Size limit - must be 41"
Limited to one fish per vessel per day.



Fishing Charters Inshore and Offshore out of Salisbury, Ma

 The F/V Sydney Lee is docked at Bridge Marina, 180 Bridge Road, Salisbury, MA 01952.

Charters and "walkaboard" groups up to 6 anglers will be able to book all-day, deep-sea fishing trips for haddock, redfish, pollock and cusk.
Or...try sportfishing for bass and blues.
Fish for giant bluefin tuna or relax on an evening excursion.
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